Reflecting on third year


As the beginning of my final year of University is fast approaching I thought this would be a good time to speak about my previous years’ work and the briefs that I completed.

In my first semester of third year I was challenged with a fairly open brief which had to be related to water. From this came my project known as “TayTide”, an exhibition piece that displayed and replicated real time tidal conditions within an enclosed tank. It was created to raise awareness about the current redevelopment of Dundee’s waterfront and the recent implementation of flood defences along the Tay. As this piece was done as a group, my main role became quickly apparent in leading up the technology side of the project, figuring out the individual components which made up exhibition piece and ensuring that these components responded to live data controlled by a microcontroller.

My second project which ran over semester two was an individual lighting brief that we set ourselves. My final product was a desk lamp that emitted two different light sources so that it could be used for both work and as a general ambient light for a room. This project heavily involved practice making, digital fabrication and once again digital technology as the both lighting methods are controlled independently using a single dimmer wheel.

Although these two projects were very different, digital technologies seemed to be a common theme and I developed a real interest in creating interactive products. In my final year I want to utilise this new skill and fondness to hopefully create a fully functional digital product.

*if you want to learn more about these projects you can find them on my homepage