Concept design

In more recent developments of my honours project medicrate, I have begun to develop different concepts and designs for different aspects of the final product. My initial primary research has been taken in consideration during the development of these designs and they all try to fulfil a key insight.


The first aspect of medicrate that I began to explore was its outer form. This is possibly the most important design element of my product as I want to create a sleek and elegant looking device that strays away from typical clinical products. I focused on creating more minimal, abstract shapes with sharp curves to create a more modern, clean aesthetic. I then created 1:1 scale prototype of all my initial designs to get a feel for their size and to receive feedback for others.

I next began to prototype different iterations of the pill trays that would be used to store and organise the medication. I created different layouts and configurations that had to

-       Maximise the volume in each compartment

-       Maximise the number of compartments in each tray

-       Ensure easy filling

-       Consider how they would dispense/operate within the device

These trays would pre-organised by an individual or pharmacist and then simply inserted into medicrate ready to use. I liken them to a Nespresso machine where you simply insert your pre-made capsule and the machine does the rest of the work (e.g. like remind you when to take medication, when it’s about to run out, keep the medication safe and secure, dispense at the correct time). I also created a functional prototype to demonstrate how the trays/capsules would me inserted into the device. All these different prototypes will also be used to present my concept at gurus day – which you can find out more about in my future blog posts.