Over the next eight months I will be undertaking my biggest design challenge to date – my 4th year honours project. This gives myself as a new designer an opportunity to put all my acquired skills from the past 3 years into practice in creating unique product from my own brief. As this project will run for the duration of 4th year, it gives me time to do a large amount of research, practical making and prototyping to eventually lead to my final finessed product catered for a specific purpose.

Over my long summer, I spent a lot of time researching the health sector and products for the home. And from the influence of my part job at NHS24 and through family members I saw the opportunity for a product that will provide peace of mind to daily medication users by essentially redesigning the pill box. Current products on the market that address this issue are clinical, ugly and have a very poor user experience and by taking a modern twist on this analogue object I know I can create a viable product that will improve the lives of many.

This blog is going to be primarily used tool as a place for me to unload my ideas and thoughts surrounding my honours project. It will also follow all stages of my design process and will hopefully give others the opportunity to see and understand how I work and think as a designer. So, if you’re interested in following my project then be sure to keep up with my regular updates on my blog.