Further investigation

In a previous blog post I discussed my initial research into the consumption rates of medication in the UK which demonstrated a large potential market for my product which is yet to be fully explored.

More recently I have been conducting my own primary research into different individuals, to learn more about their habits surrounding medication. I first interviewed a family member who consumes 4-6 pills daily and simply studied different aspects of their relationship with medication (like how they interact with it, how they store it, how often do they take it, e.t.c.). I then moved on to interviewing them and discussed different ways in which they thought their experience could be improved.

From all this data I consolidated the key points into three main categories:

Improving technology

-         Could be used the help aid in the dispensing and filling of device

-         Add reminder functionality

-         IoT functionality

Improving form

-         Create a device which is suited for home (kitchen, bedroom, office)

-         Encapsulate a modern, clean, minimal aesthetic

Improving user experience

-         During filling of device

-         Dispensing medication

-         Needs to be intuitive

As I progress into the concept generation and prototyping stage of my product, I will use these gathered insights to help shape and mould my ideas.