Initial research

This week to kick off the research stage of my honours project I have started to investigate the demographic of medication consumers within the UK and current products on the market that aim to assist these consumers. ­

After spending a significant amount of time searching through a large amount of data, I found a few main statistics that really demonstrate the scale of medication consumption within the UK:  

photo 1.png

-       48% of UK’s population on daily prescription drugs

-       65% of adults taking three or more types of medication

-       24% of adults taking daily health supplements (worth (£414m)

-       £457m projected sales on health supplements in 2021

This begins to show the extent of the population that consumes medication regularly and that the market for health supplements is on the rise.

This graph also demonstrates that the proportion of medication consumers isn’t restricted to one specific audience and that there is a significant proportion of the public from a younger age group that also takes regular medication.

 After gathering this secondary research, I then began to explore the types of products that are aimed at this audience, but I was struggling to find any products other than plastic organisation boxes on the market. Although these products are somewhat useful to specific users, I feel that they miss out on a significant proportion of the population as they are essentially segmented storage boxes. I feel like a more aesthetically pleasing device that offered additional functionality would appeal to a much larger audience.

All this data helps display a large market place that is yet to be explored and I feel that my digital device would create a large impact on the market.