Gurus day


Gurus day has finally arrived, and it is an opportunity for us as new designers to network and pitch our ideas and concepts to other creatives and industry professionals. The day turned out to be resounding success and I had the opportunity to speak to different mentors such as Dean Brown (A Scottish designer currently based in London) and Steven Birnie (an industrial designer at NCR – a global technology company) about Medicrate and different directions I can take my project.

As this was my first opportunity to present and pitch my ideas about Medicrate publicly I was slightly nervous in case others didn’t fully grasp my concept and its place on the market. But these feeling were quickly alleviated after gaining interest from other students and positive feedback from my gurus. I also gained some valuable insights about how best to pitch my idea in the future by utilising 3D renders and different scenarios the help others understand the use and impact of my product. I also received some good points about broadening the use of my product like consuming medication on the go.

Overall, I feel that gurus day was beneficial in helping me understand how to best pitch ideas to the public and it helped broaden the scope of my project by giving me some other ideas to think about.