Final prints

This week I have been busy printing all my final models for Medicrate down in my university’s Makespace. This has been taking a considerable amount of time as in total I have 31 different components to print. The first task I had to complete before putting all of the different prints on was to finalise what materials I wanted to use for each component. For the casing and control unit I decided to use a wood PLA, silver PLA and tough black PLA to show the how the product can be easily customised by the end user. I then settled on using a strong white PLA for the rest of the products body as it would complement the different customisable casings. For the medication trays, I originally decided that a white nylon filament would work well as it would be lightweight and extremely durably, putting less pressure on the stepper motor during the dispensing of medication. After some test prints I found the nylon to have a horrible surface finish (even after some tweaking to the printer settings) and to have too much flex in the tray dividers so I settled on the strong white PLA in the end.

After a full week of printing, often using multiple machines at once, I finally had all my completed prints (some of these can be seen below). I will have to spend a lot of time finishing these prints to remove all the layer line left by the printing process in order to get a good finish on them. To find out more about this and the rest of my design process, then check out my other blog posts.