Finishing the prints

After completing all of the prints for my final version of Medicrate last week, I’ve now moved on to finishing all of various parts. I wanted all of the components to look and feel as though they have been injection moulded so I have been busy working through different grits of sandpaper to get a high quality, glossy finish.


I first started with 80 grit and spent a lot of time removing layer lines and imperfections left by the printing process. I then worked my way through the grits all the way up to 400 before moving on to wet/dry sandpaper. This type of sand paper is extremely effective on 3D printed parts as water is used to help cool and lubricate the paper, preventing heat from building up (which would melt the plastic). After working my way all the way up to 2,500 grit (which took a LONG time!) I then finished the casing and control unit covers with brasso (a metal polish). Then after a little bit of polishing, these parts looked incredible with a glossy finish. I finally finished the remaining components using tooth paste, as the brasso would discolour the white components. These components also took on a glossy exterior replicating that of injection moulded parts.

Next, I will move on to implementing all of the technology into the finished prints creating the completed product. If you want to find out more about this and the rest of my design process, then check out my other blog posts.