Developing components

In the past few days, I’ve taken a step back from working on the code which makes Medicrate operational. Instead I’ve been spending time designing the buttons on the surface of the control unit and redesigning the lids for the medication tray.

As I know the product would be controlled using three buttons I first explored some different button shapes and materials that I could implement into the current control unit. I initially had the idea of creating a membrane cover for the buttons on the control unit. But after testing how the silicon membrane would look against the rest of the product, I decided against using it on the product as it didn’t tie in with the modern/stylish aesthetic I was going for. Instead I decided to go with some tactile buttons that would tie in with the current design. I also took some time here to design a mount which would be used to secure the buttons in-place underneath the control unit. This took a little bit of finessing as the I needed the tolerances to be extremely tight, but the final design worked extremely well.

I next moved on to redesigning the lid of the medication trays, as the previous design lacked some features. To improve upon the previous design of the lid, I created some requirements which the new design had to fulfil:

-          It must secure the tray divider in the tray casing while letting it rotate freely (so that It can’t be disassembled by the user)

-          It must conceal the open segment of the divider (where the medication is dispensed through) so that users don’t accidently fill that segment with medication.

-          It must have a lid which users can use to seal the medication trays after they have been filled up.

-          It must have a notch, to help users align the tray correctly when inserting it into the product.

-          It must be no larger than the current design so that it fits in the device.

After setting these constraints that my design had to abide by, I then spent some time exploring different lids that suit all the different needs. Then after scrutinising each design I settled on the lid below.