Developing more components

In continuing the theme of my previous blog post I have been busy developing more of the components in Medicrate over the past couple of days. I first began working on the design of the medication tray clip which is used to prevent the trays from rotating whenever they are not in the product (like when the trays are being filled or stored). I designed the clips to be easily inserted into trays by aligning up the notch on the tray with the notch on the clips. Then the clips are simply removed from the tray whenever the tray is being inserted into Medicrate.

I then moved on to designing the portable container which users can use whenever they need to consume medication on the go. This container needs to mimic the triangular shape of the slot above the dispensing area on the product, so that it can be easily stored whenever it isn’t in use. The portable container also needs to be easily removed from the main product whenever it is needed so I first explored different methods of securing and removing the container. This included methods which involved springs or servos which would pop the container out whenever it would be needed, but since I was very limited on space I decided against these ideas. Instead I chose a design which could simply be pulled out using a finger and stored the lid of the container on its base. Then whenever the container was pulled out, the user could fill it up with their dispensed medication and then seal it with the lid. After a few attempts at printing the container, I eventually ended up with the container below.

Next, I am going to begin coding the program which will make Medicrate operational. If you want to find out more about this and the rest of my design process, then keep up to date with my blog posts.