Redesigning the control unit

I’ve taken a break from coding over the past couple of days and instead I’ve been working on redesigning the interior of the control unit. In my mark I prototype I secured all the different electronic components inside the control unit using hot glue. But for my mark II prototype, I want to ensure that all the different electronic components have a place to be secured and that they aren’t just thrown inside and glued in place.

To begin redesigning the interior, I first started playing around with the layout of the components trying to find a configuration which fit them all under the control unit. I also needed to come up with a design which had the micro usb port of the micro-lipo on the rear of the device so that It could be charged by the user. I also wanted to have the micro usb of the Teensy development board accessible (when the control unit casing is removed) so that I can continue to upload different iterations of the code once the product is assembled.

Once I had come up with an arrangement I was happy with, I took measurements of all the different components using callipers and went on to create detailed models of all the components in Fusion 360. I then begun to create different mounting brackets which would hold the components securely inside the control unit and 3D printed my design. After a few tweaks and a couple more prints I finally settled on the design below.