Refining components

Now that I have the code finished for medicrate and testbench fully functional, I’ve been spending more time recently finessing some different components. I first started working on the buttons on the surface of the control unit as they were just flush with the front face. I redesigned the buttons to give them a more rounded front surface, replacing the sharper edges which were previously in place. I then recessed the area surrounding the buttons allowing the user to actuate them more easily.

I next moved on to redesigning the lids for the medication tray as my previous design still had some issues. I first created a recess in the centre of the lids which makes the removing the top portion of the lid easier whenever a user is filling the medication tray. I also adjusted some of the tolerances to make lid fit more securely on the medication trays.

I finally added some recessed markers on the surface of the medication tray lids and the clips that secure them. This is to make aligning the two components easier as I found from user testing that sometimes users struggled to insert them correctly on their first attempt.

As these were the final adjustments I needed to make to my product, I will next move on to printing all of the final, individual components in a range of materials. If you want to find out more about this and the rest of my design process, then check out my other blog posts.