Wiring the product

1st schematic.png

After researching what electronic components I needed to make medicrate operational, next I had the task of implementing all of these different components into my mark I prototype. To make this step a bit easier I decided that it would be best to create some schematics beforehand to ensure that all the components would be wired up correctly. Using a program called fritzing I created the schematics seen to right:

After creating this schematic, I then went on to spend a day soldering and wiring all of the individual component. The result of this can be seen below.

I’m happy with the result of my wiring and managed to keep it relatively neat considering the components were temporarily secured in place using hot glue. In my mark II prototype I’m going to redesign the interior of the control unit so that each component has a place to be secured.


Over the next few days I am going to test each component to make sure that they are all operational before starting the code. If you want to find out more about this or the rest of my design process, then keep up to date with my blog posts.