Back to the drawing board

Earlier in the week I wired up my mark one prototype and since then I’ve been working on getting each individual component working. This had been going quite successfully until I tested the stepper motor yesterday and found out it doesn’t have enough torque to rotate the medication trays. As dispensing the user’s medication is a core function within the product this it is a huge issue.

Luckily, I have a geared stepper motor which is the same diameter as the current motor but it is double its height. Most importantly though this stepper motor is powerful enough to turn the medication trays. Although this is a huge set back, I’ve not been discouraged, and I’ve spent the last day redesigning my current model and developing my mark II prototype. Most of components in the new model have been increased in height by 2mm which hasn’t been a huge change. The motor knob on the other hand has been completely redesigned as it needs to cover the new, taller stepper motor. I also made some additional changes to the motor knob and added more ridges on in its surface. This will make it easier to insert medication trays into the device as it was a little bit finicky on the mark I version. After printing and testing this new setup I can happily say that my mark II prototype works perfectly!

As I now have all the individual components working correctly on my mark II prototype, my next steps in the development of Medicrate is creating user scenarios to help me better understand how each function will work in the product. To find out more about this and the rest of my design process then keep up to date with my blog posts.