Semester Two

This week marks the beginning of the second leg of my honours project - Medicrate. Up until this point I have been focusing primarily on gathering research and exploring different forms and the basic functionalities that my product will feature. But in this semester, I will be working on bringing my concept to life by creating a fully functional prototype to present at my final degree show and new designers.

As I am extremely passionate about digital technology and its integration into physical products, I will be using this project as an opportunity to show off my diverse skillset by creating a finessed digital product. This will be achieved by utilising a wide range of digital fabrication technologies, enabling me to prototype and adapt the complex components within my project. Electronics are also going to be a key feature within the product, and I will be integrating a variety of different electrical components, controlled by a microcontroller. The final product will also feature different materials like woods and metals which will be explored once the products form and functionality is ironed out.


What’s next?

-          Design, model and create the form

-          Further develop user scenarios to show how consumers will interact with the product

-          Integrate digital technology into the form

-          Design and code the products functions


These steps will help me create my Mark I prototype. From this I will make any necessary improvements and develop a Mark II.